AOP-KF® Successful Cases

Shenzhen Tradition Chinese Medicine Hospital

Outpatient / Operating Rooms – Air Sterilization results after employing AOP-KF® Air Purifier

Improved from Class III (10,000-class) to Class I (100-class)


Note: Class I Clean Air Standard, GB 50333-2013 "Architectural Technical Code for Hospital Clean Operating Department"

Tested by Shenzhen Hongcai Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command

On-site Dynamic Sterilization Performance at Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (Area > 200m²)


There was a total of 23 persons, including 12 patients, 6 medical staff, and 5 staff from third-party testing organization. The room was equipped with 3 air sterilization machines (two YKJ2000F-A01 and one YKJ1000F-A01). After 60 minutes of sterilization, the death rate of floating bacteria had reached 82.73%.


Same conditions as above, after 60 minutes of sterilization, the number of bacterial colonies in the area reduced from 17 to 4 (cfu/30min·φ90mm).

Tested by Guangzhou Testing Center of Industrial Microbiology

Tsinghua University, School of Life Sciences

Air Sterilization Performance in Cell Incubation Room at Laboratory of Dr Ou Guangshuo


Previously, the Cell Incubation Room achieve sterilization by a combination of laminar flow technology and UV lamp radiation. Despite of these treatment, however, the average colonial bacteria level in the environment remained at 0.75cfu/15min·φ60mm.

After 30-min sterilization by AOP-KF air sterilization machine (YKJ1000F-A01), the colonial bacteria level reduced from 0.75 to 0 (cfu/15min·φ60mm).

Chinese Armed Police Force Tibet General Team Hospital

Employed by emergency quarantine control for adenovirus outbreak


Shanghai First General Hospital

Purification Performance in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Ward


Clean Corridor

Equipped with two AOP-KF air sterilization machines (Model No. YKJ2000F-A01), achieving 100-class (ISO5) cleanliness requirements.


100-class Clean Ward

Equipped with one AOP-KF air sterilization machine (Model No. YKJ2000F-A01), achieving 100-class (ISO5) cleanliness requirements.

Transforming the existing haematology medical staff office and rest area into a clean ward suitable for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. As a result, third-party examinations showed that it has achieved: 100-class in the corridor and ward, and 1,000-class in the buffer room. The new rooms are now currently in operation.

Tested by Shanghai Evertrust Testing International (ETI)

Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

Performance in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)